Our Government

The City of Alamo’s top priority is to make the most beneficial impact in the lives of our citizens and visitors. Our government is composed of boards, departments and the leadership of our elected officials. Together, they work passionately to achieve and outperform the primary goal of providing residents with a comfortable, stable and wholesome way of life.

Boards and Agendas

One of the most pivotal factors we use to make life in Alamo better is our city meetings. Keeping track of what our planning and zoning, and city commissions have to say during their corresponding meetings with our City Meeting Agendas keep a record that show how serious we are about the well-being of our citizens.

City Officials

Alamo’s elected officials recognize and understand just how much it takes to keep the community they’ve known for a lifetime and love moving in the right direction. Get to know a little more about your Mayor and other elected officials.

City Departments

Since its construction in 2004, Alamo’s City Hall has housed the various departments that keep our gears running. Our mission is to serve you, so feel free to reach out and contact the department you need today.

Alamo Economic Development Corporation (EDC)

The Alamo Economic Development Corporation (EDC) encourages and supports the comprehensive approaches needed to highlight local incentives, private sector opportunities and self-sufficiency for business development. The EDC’s priority is to entice private sector investments and job opportunities that can ultimately give way to further economic development in our city.

Planning and Zoning Board

As an advisory body to the Board of Commissioners, the City of Alamo’s Planning and Zoning Board is responsible for making recommendations on issues of zoning, subdivision regulations and conditional use requests, among others.

Ordinances and Code

Alamo’s code was designed with the well-being, safety and quality of life of every resident in mind. We’ve provided easy access to the code and ordinances as well as information regarding what you can do if you’ve witnessed a code violation.