Utility/Taxes FAQs

Q: Where can I pay my City of Alamo property taxes?

A: The City of Alamo property taxes are being collected by the Hidalgo County Tax Office and you may pay them at any of their pay stations. For more information please call (956)318-2157.

Q: Where do I obtain a garage sale and how much does it cost?

A: Garage sales can be obtained at City Hall and the fee is $10.00 for up to 3 consecutive days.

Q:  What is the phone number for animal control?

A: The animal control department is located at the Alamo Police Department and can be contacted at 956-787-1454.

Q:  Where do I report weedy lots or illegal dumping?

A: If you want to report illegal dumping or any weedy lots please contact our Code Enforcement Department at 956-787-0006 Ext. 132.

Q:  When are your City of Alamo Board of Commissioners meetings?

A: The City of Alamo meetings take place at City Hall the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7pm.

Q:  Where can I report a street light that is not working?

A: Streets lights can be reported to the City of Alamo Public Works Department and they can be contacted at 956-787-8321.

Q:  Where can I pay my traffic tickets?

A: Traffic tickets must be paid at the City of Alamo Municipal Court located at 502 E. Duranta Ave. For more information please call 956-787-8689.

Q:  Where can I report sewer problems?

A: If you are having problems with your sewer please contact the Public Works Department at 956-787-8321.

Q:  Where do I call to have my garbage can replaced?

A: If your garbage can is broken please contact the Water Billing Department at 787-0006 to have it replaced.

Q: If I have brush that needs to be picked up where should it be placed?

A: Brush should be placed in front of your property along the curb separating brush and bulky items.
BRUSH WILL NOT BE PICKED UP IN THE ALLEY. Brush will not be picked up if it is mixed with other type of debris. A copy of the yearly brush schedule can be obtained at City Hall.