Water Conservation Plan


City of Alamo, Texas
Water Conservation Plan

Declaration of Policy, Purpose and Intent
Recognizing the need for efficient use of existing water supply, the City of Alamo, Texas has developed guidelines and requirements governing the development of water conservation plans so as to insure proper stewardship of this very precious resource. The objectives of this water conservation plan are:

• To reduce water consumption from the levels that would prevail without conservation efforts.
• To reduce the Joss and waste of water.
• To improve the efficiency in the use of water
• To document the level of recycling and reuse in the water supply
• To extend the life of current water supplies by reducing the rate of growth in demand.

It is the intent of this Conservation Plan to comply with all the elements required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Water Conservation Goals
The City of Alamo, Texas will adhere to the following schedule, to achieve the targets and goals for water conservation:
• Calibrations of meters for all treated water deliveries are conducted semi-annually
• The water meter replacement program is as follows:
• Meters are monitored and replaced every year to insure accuracy and replaced on a fifteen-year cycle
• Water audits are conducted annually
• Real water losses are identified and connected
• Real water losses are minimized by replacement of deteriorating water mains and appurtenances, as is conducted by the City staff on an on-going basis
• The City will mail out material developed by the staff, materials obtained from the Texas Water Development Board, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or other sources semi-annually (once in the spring and once in the summer) to all customers
• Water conserving pricing;
• The City’s current rates are shown in attached Exhibit. The last water rates increase was cost-based and as such, will discourage excessive water use.
• The City will hire a rate analyst to review rates and determine any changes necessary to the water rate structure
• The City will continue to review rates annually to insure water revenues exceed expenses and replacement costs and to discourage excessive and wasteful us
• The leak detection program will be initiated to insure reduction of real water losses
• Inspections and soundings of all water main fittings and connections will be conducted annually
• Intermittent night-flow measurements will be conducted annually
• Pressure is controlled to just above the standard-of-service level by use of SCADA system
• Pressure zones are operated based on the topography
• Surges in pressure are limited by control valves
• Nighttime pressure is reduced by control valves when feasible
• The City of Alamo has adopted the 2003 International Plumbing Code, and all new construction or renovations in the city use water conserving fixtures
Municipal per capita water use is total water pumped into the system for residential, commercial and public use, divided by the population served. At present, Alamo’s per capita use is 125 gpcd. Our 5- year goal is to reduce it to 121 gpcd, and in 10 years, with continued vigilance, we will endeavor to reduce it and maintain it at 118 gpcd.

Alamo’s unaccounted-for water is due to breaks, leaks, meter under-registration, flushing mains, system loss
and unmetered fire hydrants. The City’s present water loss is 28 gpcd which is 22% of the total raw water
heated. Our 5 year and 10 year plan is to reduce this number and keep under 12%. This account is managed by a meter at the water source, a meter at the treatment facility and careful metering at the customer location.

Increase both public and employee awareness regarding water conservation and water related issues. This will
especially be encouraged during summer months when water consumption increases significantly.

Promote more efficient irrigation techniques for commercial and private use through rebates, retrofit and

Investigate the potential of wastewater reuse.

Water and conservation curriculum will be introduced into area public schools by conducting workshops
to train area educators in teaching methods and provide materials relating to water issues. Presentations will
be supported by a variety of printed material. Tours of the water plant will help as an education tool.

Tracking Targets and Goals
The staff shall track targets and goals by utilizing the following procedures:

• City has two master meters: 1 for the raw water source and 1 for wet well source
• Logs shall be maintained for meter calibration, meter testing, and meter replacement programs
• Annual water audits shall be documented and kept in the Utility Department files
• Staff shall keep a record of the number of mail-outs distributed semi-annually
• Rates are tracked by means of ordinances adopted

• Logs shall be maintained for the utility’s Leak Detection Program, including but not limited to:
• Annual inspections and soundings of all water main fittings and connections
• Annual intermittent night-flow measurements

Based on the U.S. Bureau of the Census, Alamo’s 2010 population is 18,353 and given the straight line trend for the last six years, we anticipate a population in ten years, of at least 26,000. Assuming the same demand continues, the water production for year 2030 should be at least 128,502,548 gallons (as per Region M Regional Water Plan, projected estimates). The present day capacity is 3,300,000 gallons. Through continuous improvement to these systems, the city is making sure the city will be prepared for continued growth to serve the projected population growth over the entire Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) area through the year 2025 and can meet any and all anticipated water and wastewater demands. New commercial users will require close monitoring to keep their water demands within our capacity.

Coordination with Region M Planning Group
All customers served by the City of Alamo, Texas are located in Region M, Lower Rio Grande Regional Planning Group. A copy of this plan will be provided to them. See attached transmittal letter.

Revisions to the Water Conservation Plan
The City of Alamo will review and update this water conservation plan, as appropriate, based on new or updated information. As a minimum the Plan will be updated every five years.

Water and Wastewater Master Plan 2022
The City of Alamo is located in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas and is divided in half by Expressway IH2 and it is bordered by the City of Edinburg to the North, the City of San Juan to the East, the City of Donna to the west, and the Rio Grande to the South.

The City of Alamo is experiencing steady growth due to recent residential development as well as consistent economic activity.

IT is expected that the City will continue to see an increase in residential and commercial development; this growth is placing increased demands on the City’s water and wastewater systems.

To adequately plan and prepare for these projected needs, the City Commission has authorized the preparation of this planning study which would enable the City to responsibly plan for the anticipated future growth. To adequately plan and prepare for the expected developmental growth, the City of Alamo is working t make sure that the planning for necessary improvements concerning water and wastewater is timely addressed.

The goal of this water and waste water master planning study is to develop a plan to ensure adequate and economical water and wastewater services through the year 2037.

To ensure that these goals are achieved, this plan will provide information showing a 5-year projection which includes capital improvements which will need to be implemented prior to the year 2027.

Additionally, a 15-year capital improvement plan was developed. The 15-year capital improvement plan was divided into two separate periods. The first five-year period includes capital improvements that would need to be implemented prior to year 2032; and a second five-year period that includes capital improvements which would also need to be implemented and completed prior to year 2037.

Below is the PDF link for the Alamo- Water and Wastewater Master Plan.

Alamo-Water & Wastewater Master Plan