All About Alamo: January 2024


Check out All About Alamo, where the City of Alamo Public Information Office shares insight of what the city is all about! From community milestones to local highlights, let’s dive into the stories that make the first month of the year, truly unforgettable.


Alamo Celebrates Spectacular Christmas Parade with Unforgettable Festivities. Alamo Library Hosts Merry Grinchmas Party for Families. Alamo Police Department Extends Gratitude Following Successful Toy Giveaway. Shop with a Hero and Toy Giveaway. PSJA sustainability. Alamo’s Historic Inaugural Centennial Event: Walk with the Mayor. Parks & Rec Basketball. PSJA Memorial Wolverine Cheerleaders huge representations. Exploring the culinary delights of Alamo during the Alamo Chamber of Commerce’s annual Taste of Alamo event. Also, check out all important news that happened in the city like the Fire Push-in Ceremony, Chief Saul Solis’ Official Pinning Ceremony, and the City Implements Zoning Changes to Enhance Commercial Corridor Aesthetics. Plus an extra… our business spotlight! Check it out!