Emergency Management

Unfortunately, sometimes devastating and dangerous events can strike when we least expect them. At the City of Alamo, we are prepared to keep the residents of our city as safe and informed as possible. The following information can be used in case of a hurricane or any other natural disaster.

Hurricane Preparedness Information

In case of a hurricane or dangerous weather, individuals must ensure they:

  • Fuel up vehicles
  • Stock up on non-perishable food (3 – 7 day supply recommended)
  • Stock up on water – at least 1 gallon daily per person (3-7 day supply recommended)
  • Have flashlights, radio, batteries, hygiene items, baby wipes, toiletries, etc.
  • Have First Aid Kits, medications, prescription medications in proper locations.
  • Blankets and pillows.
  • Have cash on hand in case ATM’s or credit card machines are not available.
  • Move items such as important papers, electronics to taller furniture in case of flooding. Put important papers in water proof bags.
  • Make sure emergency numbers are easily available.
  • Make sure pets are in safe areas and secure areas.
  • Trim trees, clean up property, and secure items on property to prevent flying debris.
  • Clean out ditches and gutters for better water flow.

Other important information to keep in mind includes:

  • City Phone Numbers
    • Alamo Police Department 787-1454.
    • Alamo Fire Department 781-2004.
    • City of Alamo Service Center, 787-8321, will provide sand for sandbags at 803. South Tower Rd.
      • Bring voucher received during water bill payment.
      • Residents will need to bring and fill own sandbags.
      • Call Service Center at 787-8321 for more information.
    • Call Alamo Police at 787-1454 for downed power lines or any other emergency, they will contact the correct agency.
    • Call Alamo Service Center 787-8321 or Alamo City Hall at 787-0006 for sewer, streets and water emergencies.
  • Alamo Fire Department Sirens
    • 3 Sirens – Fire Department Emergency: Fire Department responding to call.
    • 6 Sirens – Weather Watch: Take necessary precautions for weather situation.
    • 9 Sirens – Dangerous Weather (i.e. tornado): Listen to radio and take cover.
  • Magic Valley
    • 1-866-225-5683
    • https://oms.magicvalley.coop
  • AEP
  • Red Cross Shelters
    • Red Cross will advise 24hrs prior to hurricane landfall which shelters will be open and what items residents need to take. Please call shelter numbers or Red Cross before leaving for shelter.
    • American Red Cross
      • Pharr: 956-787-7851
      • Main office: Harlingen 956-787-0523
    • County Residents
      • Call for information on sandbags and other emergency information:
        • Precinct #2 Office: 956-787-1297
        • Field Operations Manager: 956-369-0823
        • For any additional information call 787-0006

Sandbag Guidelines

The City of Alamo will be giving out sandbags to city residents in preparing for hurricane season. Sandbags are available at Alamo City Hall. Please be prepared to fill your own sandbags.

  • Five sandbags will be given out per household, those who require more sandbags will need to bring their own additional sandbags.
  • Sandbags will be available for pickup from 8am to 5pm Monday-Friday.
  • Few shovels available at distribution site, please bring own shovels to reduce wait time.
  • City of Alamo urges citizens to pick up sandbags at designated time to prevent long wait times during actual hurricane threat.
  • For more information or questions please call Alamo City Hall at 787-0006.
  • Sandbags can be filled at any of our 3 locations.
    • Alamo Sports Complex (Ridge and Tower Road)
    • Alaniz Park (6th and Duranta)
    • Balli Park (8th and Nebraska)