The City of Alamo is constantly striving to help its residents leave a positive mark on the map, which is why we provide the services and resources each citizen needs and deserves. It is our duty to make what you need available when you need it most.


The CodeRED high-speed telephone emergency notification service allows Alamo officials to deliver pre-recorded emergency telephone messages to citizens at a rate of about 60,000 calls every hour. If you’re a resident of Alamo and are looking for more details or are ready to sign up for the CodeRED service, contact City Hall at 956.787.0006.

Economic Development

Alamo’s economic development is one of the pivotal concerns in keeping our community moving forward. The Alamo Economic Development Corporation (EDC) encourages and supports approaches that emphasize local incentives, private sector opportunities and self-sufficiency. This is done to attract additional investments to help our city thrive for years to come.

Human Resources

A competent, qualified and diverse workforce is the heart that supports our city. The Human Resources Department is tasked with supporting the city’s strategic goals and vision by recruiting individuals who truly believe in our community’s values.

Hurricane Preparedness

The Rio Grande Valley is no stranger to the hazards that can often result from hurricanes. We are determined to help you and other citizens of the community stay as safe as possible. Follow our Hurricane Preparedness guidelines and remember that our police and fire departments can be reached whenever you need them.


The City Inspector’s role is to assist developers and contractors with meeting their goals while helping them abide by and comply with every code and ordinance.

Parks & Recreation

Alamo is determined to help our residents enhance their quality of life and overall heath. The Parks & Recreation Department is committed to promoting good health by providing quality recreational services, clean and safe facilities, and programs designed to enrich the lives of every citizen.

Public Safety

Emergencies can arise when you least expect them, which is why Alamo’s Public Safety Departments are always ready to provide their assistance. Whether you need help from the Police Department, Fire Department or Municipal Court, know that they’re only a phone call away.

Utilities and Taxes

Alamo provides water and garbage collection services to residents throughout the city. When you’re ready to pay the bills for these utilities or your taxes, simply visit the offices at City Hall or the drive thru on the building’s north side.

Frequently Used Forms

Some processes you may be involved in can often require filling out some forms. To make things easier for you, we’ve provided the files for our most frequently used forms.