Mosquito Prevention

Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Home and Yard:
• Repair window and door screens
• Eliminate mosquito shelters in your yard
• Mow grass and tall weeds
• Cut back shrubs and vines
• Treat in shaded areas with a professional pest control application or DIY spray treatment
• Remove tires and junk

Dump, Drain or Change Water:
• Dump or drain water to eliminate egg laying sites.
• Change water regularly in a dog dish, bird bath or plant pot to eliminate nutrients.
• Eliminate any place where water can collect and be retained for 7-10 days, especially when there is organic matter present, such as soil or leaves.

Additional Mosquito Breeding Sites Include:
• Toys
• Swings
• Buckets and containers
• Wheelbarrows
• Bird baths
• Flower pots
• Poorly draining gutters
• Sagging tarps
• Plastic pools
• Tree holes
• Cesspool or septic tank
• Untreated and non-functioning swimming pools
• Tires
• Cisterns or rain barrels
• Low ditches or parts of the yard
• Stagnant ponds

When Water Can’t be Dumped or Drained:
• Use a larvicide for homeowners such as Mosquito DunksⓇ or the Mosquito TorpedoⓇ that are based on Bacillus thuringiensis israeliensis (Bti), a bacterium that produces proteins that are toxic for certain fly larvae.
• These products have little effect on the environment and lower impact than adulticides.
• They are also safe for non-target insects and mammals.
• They are usually effective for up to 30 days.
• The labels describe how these products should be used and how long each product lasts.