Mosquito Spraying 5-26-21

Please be advised that, although the city was sprayed for mosquitos, there will be new ones emerging and the battle will continue. As the mosquito population drops after a spray application, it does not mean that ALL mosquitos were killed. If you have any questions, concerns, please call 787-8321.

The areas that were sprayed are as follows;

Section 2
Gentle Breeze R.V. Park
Alamo Trails Sub
Widen Sub
Alamo Original Townsite (area) Bus 83 to Exp 83 from N 13th Street to N Tower Road
Royal Palms R.V. Park
Alma-Delia Sub
East Duranta Ave
Border Road
Whalen Road

Section 1
Colonia Buena Vista Sub
Veronika Ann Sub
Lopez Drive
High Chaparral Sub
Palazzo Vegas Ranch Sub
Sevilla Sub
Linda Gail Sub
Laguna Park Sub
Macario Villarreal Village
Nebraska Village
Nebraska Heights Sub
Shea Estates Sub
Tower Acres Sub
Valle Verde Estates
Green Valley Terrace Sub
Ken Browning Sub
San Anastacio Sub
Cabaña South Sub
Tower Landing Sub
Greystone Sub
Alamo Country Club