National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer is a day where the world mobilizes public prayer for God’s blessing of America. On this National Day of Prayer, Mayor Diana Martinez, the Alamo City Commission and Administration are respectfully requesting we all unite in prayer for our country at 6:30 pm tonight. With our Nation facing a pandemic during this time, today, prayers for God to Bless America during this pandemic is encouraged. Pray for our governmental leaders to have wisdom as they work to reopen this country without expediting the spread of the virus, pray for our healthcare workers & their families, as they have worked long shifts and braved dangerous environments to care for those suffering from this virus, pray for church leaders who will need wisdom to ensure that their congregations are safe and ready for public gatherings, pray for the journalists that they seek to convey information and news accurately as this nation reopens, pray for those infected in the course of fighting this virus be healed and pray for our community of Alamo, that we may stay vigilant and safe during the reopening of our nation. Let us spend this National Day of Prayer asking God for the things our country desperately needs: wisdom, leadership, healing, safety and unity.