New Wastewater Treatment Facility Project

The City of Alamo is proud to announce its new Wastewater Treatment Facility Project. It is made possible by the assistance from the Texas Water Development Board and partially funded by the Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund through the Environmental Protection Agency. The project consists of construction of a new 2.5 MGD mechanical sewer plant to replace outdated lagoon system; the project includes the construction of this facility. The design consists of preliminary treatment involving the conversion of two lagoons into flow equalization storage basins. Secondary treatment includes new structure and equipment, including aeration, BNR support, piping valves and gates, and the closure of the remaining lagoons. In addition, included will be a solids dewatering system which will have a sludge storage tank, aeration and mixing system for the sludge storage tank, sludge transfer pumps, a dewatering system structure and equipment, polymer feed system equipment, a sludge hauling trailer, and piping, valves, and appurtenances. A disinfection system which has a chlorine contact basin, chlorine gas or hypochlorite feed system, a de-chlorination system, piping, valves, and appurtenances. There will also be a control and MCC building with HVAC, lab equipment, furnishings, and a backup generator. Included will be yard piping, valves site work, paving, erosion control, electrical and a SCADA system. In the design of the project, the city has considered innovative and alternative technology and will also include “green elements.”